Economic Development


Advance Casper provide services that include, but are not limited to Business Attraction & Marketing and Business Expansion & Retention.  Advance Casper supports the community by connecting our community to businesses, entrepreneurs, and site selectors looking to relocate or expand and helping our local businesses experience growth.

So, What Is Economic Development?

Economic development is a collection of initiatives that seek to provide prosperity and quality of life for a community. For Advance Casper, these initiatives include industry diversification, recruitment of businesses that align with our existing business community, events that introduce existing businesses to new avenues of revenue, and marketing our community aggressively in the region and other states that might find our expansive space, tax structure, foreign trade zone, and other incentives beneficial to their operations.

The secret of success in a community like Casper is ensuring a shared vision among public and private stakeholders. The state, county, city, developers, and business owners are all essential pieces of the economic puzzle that Advance Casper aspires to construct.

Target Industries

Aerospace & Defense

Advance Casper has identified cross over in both workforce and manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industry. Advance Casper hosts an annual Aerospace Industry Conference to introduce local manufacturers and business leaders to government contracting, allowing local businesses to identify their strengths in these growing sectors.

Business & Financial Services

Casper is located in the center of the state and provides the region’s leading location for business, banking, and professional services. For many, Casper is a one-stop shop and integral to the local economy.

Diversified Manufacturing

Natrona County’s longtime manufacturing sector has transformed to meet current needs and impact lasting innovation across many sectors. The reshoring of many overseas manufacturing operations has been impactful for Casper, providing a local supply chain for in demand products.

Energy & Extraction

Oil, gas, mining, and wind power are all foundational sectors that have made Casper thrive. Our fertile lands provide traditional, emerging, and renewable energy sources a great place to start or expand operations for energy development.


Casper has a prosperous entrepreneurial community filled with innovators that have less barriers to entry and a core network of support and resources to help with the challenges of starting a successful business. Casper is home to the Impact307 Incubator, in partnership with the University of Wyoming, which supports entrepreneurs by providing space, resources, and the Start-Up Challenge. In addition, Advance Casper hosts three alternative financing platforms for entrepreneurs including the only organized angel investment fund in Wyoming, Breakthrough 307, statewide equity crowdfunding platform, Invest307, and traditional crowdfunding platform, The Local Crowd.

Environmental Technology and Manufacturing

An emerging sector in Natrona County is in the environmental technology and manufacturing sector, from recycling and wastewater solutions to electric vehicle charging stations and freshwater restoration to innovations in high-productivity agricultural and stormwater filtration manufacturing. Casper is a forward-thinking community, supportive of expansion into environmental manufacturing of all types.

Healthcare & Biomedical

Again, with Casper as the heart of Wyoming, we lead in healthcare capabilities. In addition, entrepreneurs are developing innovations in the biomedical sphere. Medical device and biomedical product manufacturers are finding success in our community filled with many healthcare professionals.

Information Technology

Taking advantage of many of Casper’s available sites, information technology and data centers are appearing in the community, with access to the necessary utility and ventilation. Our local college has many qualified graduates in both disciplines looking to provide a reliable workforce.

Outdoor Recreation

Tourism is a major industry throughout Wyoming, but in Casper, with our quick access to Casper Mountain and Hogadon Ski Resort, the North Platte River, and two lakes, tourism is an especially important sector. Businesses looking to manufacture outdoor products from fishing poles to travel trailers find that Natrona County is filled with ideal research and development spots for their goods and an enthusiastic workforce.

Transportation, Logistics, Distribution (TLD)

The Natrona County/Casper International Airport is the only Foreign Trade Zone in Wyoming, making importing and exporting favorable for manufacturers and distributors. In addition, Casper is logistically primed for over road trucking, with I-25 and highway 26, 220, and 487 that provide access to smaller parts of the state. In addition, rail spur access provides additional transportation capabilities.