In partnership with you as an Advance Casper member, our priorities are to promote the expansion of existing businesses, contribute to the development of high-value start-ups, and recruit companies that complement our existing business base. We achieve these goals by working through four focused areas of development.


Business Attraction and Local Business Retention and Expansion.

Help existing businesses grow and expand Create primary jobs.


Recruit complementary businesses.


Facilitate infrastructure and development projects.

Workforce Development and Education.

Identify market gaps or new market opportunities.


Maintain a network of entrepreneurial service providers.


Breakthrough 307- a unique program that creates a pathway for entrepreneurs to access angel investors.

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

Promoting modern business solutions and tools for businesses.


Creating collaborative partnerships with business.


Embracing new technology and business trends for growth and development.

Economic and Community Transformation.

Support the continued development of Quality of Life Initiatives within the community.


Drive diversification of the economy by partnering with local industry leaders for long-term economic growth.

Community Partners