Prosperity – Grow in Casper

With the largest industrial base in Wyoming, Casper and Natrona County’s geographical, logistical, telecommunications, and infrastructural configuration is well suited to serve a variety of businesses and industries.

In addition to the state and national highway infrastructure, Casper’s international airport, C/NCIA has the only Foreign Trade Zone in the state, meaning goods can directly enter the zone without a formal cutoms entry, pausing or potentially eliminating duties and taxes, an advantage for our manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries. There are many benefits to utilizing the Foreign Trade Zone for production and storage, such as duty deferral, meaning duties and excise taxes are not payable until merchandise or equipment is released from the FTZ. Re-exported merchandise is not subject to payment of these duties or taxes as well. Utilizing the FTZ makes direct delivery available, and components imported and assembled in the zone get the ‘Made in USA’ designation. The international airport also has major rail facilities including a rail spur and transload facility, adding to the robust logistics capacity central to Casper, providing many options for importing raw materials, shipping finished goods, and transporting personnel.

In 2017, Advance Casper identified five industries of focus for the region based on existing capacity, community assets, and future diversified growth prospects. By emphasizing these five industries and supporting stakeholders like education, real estate, and construction, we believe all will benefit from the focused direction. The five industries are advanced manufacturing, energy, finance, medical, and technology.



Wyoming boasts many advantages to businesses and individuals that reside here. The lack of taxes is a major bonus to all:

Tax Benfits

100 %

Corporate Income Tax

100 %

Personal Income Tax

100 %

Inventory Tax

100 %

Goods in Transit Tax

100 %

Sales Tax (County and State combined)

100 %

Lodging Tax