Diversifying the industry to amplify the industry

The Wyoming Aerospace & Defense Industry Conference wants to help Wyoming manufacturers and technology companies get on the government radar and grow their business!

The Aerospace & Defense Industry Conference provides an opportunity for Wyoming manufacturers and technology companies to be introduced to the aerospace and defense (A&D) market through direct interaction with “Prime” A&D companies with operations in Colorado, Utah, Montana, and North and South Dakota.

This two-day event guides businesses through the opportunities, the types of manufacturing the government is looking for, the certifications needed to gain government contracts, and provides the ability for Wyoming companies to connect with companies that need their help to maintain the supply chain.

Get ready to launch and grow

Learn from serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have the knowledge and experience of starting and growing businesses!

We cover the basics and help entrepreneurs gain confidence in their startups. The Boot Camp is broken into multiple segments to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of their business plan and the importance of subjects such as business financing, entrepreneurial law & IP, and marketing analysis.

This boot camp is led by local experts who want you to excel! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business or get your business off to a great start!

Selling your business, on your terms

Effectively and confidently value your business, create transferable value and transition to the next potential owner.

This Boot Camp is designed to teach business owners how to prepare their business, employees, and future owner for the owner’s exit. This course will provide business owners with the knowledge to transition themselves and their business from full-time ownership to partial investor and/or complete exit from the company.

The WYO BIO Innovation Summit is for entrepreneurs who have fresh ideas and the dedication to disrupt the Wyoming business landscape.

Learn from serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have the knowledge and experience of starting and growing businesses!

Jam-packed with experts, real-life business owners, and industry leaders, this two-day event is perfect for those new to the business, seasoned entrepreneurs, and investors looking for their next great venture. The WYO BIO Innovation Summit is intent on providing opportunities to showcase entrepreneurs and introduce them to resources and facilitate introductions to investors.

The Summit serves as an example of how local economic development leaders can partner with the University of Wyoming and our state’s community colleges to bring industry stakeholders together to advance innovation and entrepreneurial activities that support the state’s economic development agenda.