Leveraging innovative technology, Disa revolutionizes the way the world handles composite materials. Disa offers responsible, affordable, and efficient processes to isolate materials, whether bound together naturally, accidentally, or anything in between. Focusing on markets, methodology, and team, Disa sets the example.

Markets – At Disa, we boldly drive into markets to seize opportunities whether they be in mining, milling, reclamation, cleanup, oil sands, or any other application amenable to disassociation processes.

Methodology – Doing things right isn’t always easy. At Disa, we always endeavor to leave the world we live in better than we found out. Never resting, we continue to push our technologies to solve problems in ways that not only provide value, but that are right.

Team – Without our great employees, we are nothing. At Disa, we focus on integrating a team of leaders, strategic thinkers, and passionate members that believe in our core competencies. Integrity is our cornerstone, and our team exemplifies the same.

In everything we do, we do it for the right reasons. On every site we enter, we leave it better than it was. Above all, safety comes before mission – we ensure our employees always make it home to their families.

To optimize the world’s use of resources, return extraction sites to better than before, and repair ecosystems post disaster.