Frog Creek Partners

We are a mission driven company dedicated to improving the health of watersheds by building long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and anybody else who has a passion for clean water like we do.

Because Clean Water is a Good Thing™

We are the proud makers of the patented Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system, the most versatile and attractive stormwater filtration system in the galaxy.

The Gutter Bin removes pollution from flowing water within a catch basin storm drain resulting in cleaner rivers and oceans. An adjustable funnel system directs polluted water into the patented Mundus Bag® water filter.

Our largest overflow on the market allows high flow events to bypass the filter system. In a matter of seconds, a soiled Mundus Bag can be removed from the Gutter Bin, weighed, and discarded/recycled. A new Mundus Bag simply drops into the Gutter Bin for continued stormwater filtration.