Luker Realty

Professional property management is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate investment. Luker Realty provides active management and integrated resources to maintain the assets to the highest standards while maximizing returns for our clients. We specialize in income producing properties and implementing a plan to optimize them and alleviate any anxiety on the part of the owners. All day to day operations for the properties will be diligently maintained and efficiently run; Luker Realty attempts to make any problem ours and not the ownerships. Luker Realty prepares all necessary reports for owners and owners accountant. The reports and status of your property will be supplied to owners on a monthly basis and reports to accountants on an annual basis to assist in filing annual reports. Real time reports are available through our owner’s web access platform adding immediate convenience for our clients. Our team has extensive experience managing office, industrial, and retail properties and are ready to put our system to work for you.