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Here at Advance Casper we are economic development that is business driven and community inspired. We know that our efforts are only as strong as our members. & that’s why we choose to showcase the revolutionary impact you have on: business, the local economy, our community and beyond. This month we sat down with 307 Horse Racing & The Derby Club Gaming Parlors to gain insight into how live horse racing and betting are not only catching like wildfire in the state of Wyoming, but are driving economic prosperity in Casper and beyond:
307 Horse Racing

Q: When was 307 Horse Racing established? 

“307 Horse Racing was founded in 2019 by longtime Wyoming natives, ranchers, and horseman, the Greer family. The Greers saw what the industry looked like with out of state operators and decided to get in the game the Wyoming way so that the landscape looked more like what the legislation was intended for.”

Q: Describe your racing events & the experience? 

“Every summer, we run live horse races in Gillette, WY for six consecutive weeks. Attending live horse racing is an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like watching the horses perform up close as they barrel down the track with the Jockeys guiding them to the finish line. We have worked hard to create a lively environment beyond the races full of betting, live music, local vendor booths and so much more. 

Our live horse races allow us the opportunity to open Derby Clubs, which are best in class venues committed to providing excellent customer service. Our locations offer simulcasting and electronic games (historic horse racing machines) locals and visitors alike love to play. We have several restaurants servicing delicious food and two discount liquor stores as well.

Q: What makes 307 Horse Racing so special to the Casper community? 

“We are a 307 First Company based out of Casper that drives awareness, advocacy, and education around the importance of keeping funds local to help support and strengthen the Wyoming economy. We also have deep roots in Wyoming that support our local communities and families which help advance the state’s economic interest. We are committed to reinvesting in our local communities and have great relationships with local non-profit entities.”

Q: How do your efforts have a greater impact on the livability, growth and spirit of Casper? 

“We have added over 200 local jobs in Wyoming in the last two years, with more to come. In addition to being dedicated to rejuvenating the state’s horse racing industry, we generate incremental economic impact and income for the state, counties, and municipalities where we operate.”

Q: What do you value most/ what is your favorite part about being a member of Advance Casper?

“Advance Casper fights to diversify our economic base. They work to bring business to town and to grow the community. They’ve worked hard to advocate for the benefits of Casper. We love the fact that we get to have relationships with a litany of other like minded businesses and individuals who help grow this place.”

Q: What’s ahead for 307 Horse Racing?

“We have one additional Casper location that will be open in early 2024, and we are working on several other locations around the state in different communities. Not to mention, our race meet this year will be much bigger, with significant added purse money and additional entertainment opportunities.”

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