Member Spotlight: Alliance Communication & Technologies

Please give a warm welcome to Matthew Smith, owner of Alliance Communication & Technologies. We were honored to slow down with Matt this month and learn more about their company’s story, industry-leading solutions, and impact in Central Wyoming. 

For the last eight years Alliance has not only transformed the local surveillance and security industry, but they have highly impacted the safety, well-being, and livability of the Casper community allowing them to expand immensely moving forward.

Learn more about their efforts below:

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Q. What is the story behind Alliance?

“Alliance Communication & Technologies was started by Matthew Smith and Jon Trujilo who saw a need for more security solution options in Casper. From their experiences working in the industry, a large number of commercial and industrial facilities were being sold equipment that was proprietary or contractor area protected leaving little to no room for freedom or intentional collaboration. In 2016 they set out to disrupt what had always been done by fusing interpersonal relationships with unparalleled solutions. They have been the go-to for surveillance and security in Wyoming & Northern Colorado ever since.”

Q. What are your current offerings?

“Our mission is to protect your loved ones, employees, and property by offering turn-key security solutions custom designed for your industrial, commercial, and residential needs anywhere in the Rocky Mountain Region. We specialize in: commercial, industrial and government surveillance systems, access control, fire alarm install & design, monitored intrusion systems, audio/visual, fiber optics install and terminations, technology consulting, and engineering and design for most low voltage systems.”

Q. How does your business have a greater impact on the community?

“We prioritize local hiring, contributing to job creation and economic growth in the community. By employing skilled technicians and support staff from the area; we not only support local families, but also ensure that our team is intimately familiar with the community’s needs and dynamics. Our security solutions play a crucial role in enhancing safety and peace of mind for residents and businesses alike. Whether it’s installing surveillance cameras to deter criminal activity or implementing access control systems to safeguard sensitive areas, our work directly contributes to creating a safer environment for everyone.”

Q. How does Alliance Communications & Technologies benefit from doing business in Casper, WY?

“Alliance benefits immensely from operating in Casper, Wyoming due to the unique opportunities and characteristics of the area. Casper’s central location in Wyoming positions us strategically to serve not only the local community but also surrounding towns effectively. This allows us to extend our reach and offer our specialized security solutions to a broader customer base.

Casper’s strong sense of community and emphasis on local business creates a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. We’ve found that Casper values personalized service and appreciates working with businesses and people that are invested in the community’s well-being. This has helped us build strong relationships with our customers and foster a loyal client base over the years.”

Q. Tell us more about how Alliance contributes to economic development in Casper?

“We’re proud to call Casper home, and we’re committed to playing our part in the city’s economic development. By hiring locally, sourcing as many materials as we can from nearby businesses, and actively engaging with community initiatives; we’re not just providing security solutions – we’re also creating jobs and supporting the growth of our neighbors’ businesses. We believe in giving back to the community that supports us, and we’re excited to continue contributing to Casper’s economic vitality in the years ahead. We’re deeply involved in projects all across Casper, not just installing security systems, but also contributing to the city’s growth. Our work doesn’t just make places safer; it adds value to homes and businesses, making Casper an even better place to live and work. We take pride in knowing that our efforts help enhance the city’s infrastructure and overall appeal.”

Q. What’s ahead in 2024/2025? What does this next chapter of expansion hold for you?

“Although Casper will always be home, we’re currently looking to expand into other markets like the Colorado front range. Which means we are always looking for the right people to add to the Alliance Team.”

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